OSOZ Shaman

Here is another character from a series I started about a year ago called The Odd Spirits Of Z where each character is the result of a tutorial that focuses on specific feature/workflow in ZBrush. This guy was a little different as I developed it during my Livestream sessions wit ZBrushLive (about 4 sessions of 2 hours) and finished him up with a bit of Substance Painter and Marmoset rendering.
Here is a link to the first character on the series: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lWqVQ

Pablo munoz gomez screenshot0002

Final shot with some extra work in Photoshop

OSOZ shaman Turntable

Pablo munoz gomez screenshot025

Character showcase

Pablo munoz gomez closeup comp

mask close up 1

Pablo munoz gomez screenshot022

Mask close up 2

Pablo munoz gomez screenshot023

dark shot

Pablo munoz gomez 011

ZBrush sculpt (from the ZBrushLive streams)

Pablo munoz gomez 013

'behind the mask'